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Tax Appeals

Resolve Your Dispute with the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can audit your tax return at random, or due to a deliberate inspection. As part of the audit process, the IRS may decide to change portions of your tax return, adjusting it how they think would be more accurate. If you do not think they’ve made adjustments correctly, you have the right to let them know and formally disagree through a tax appeal.

Appealing what the IRS has said is correct is understandably intimidating, especially if you aren’t a tax expert. To make certain your tax appeal goes as smoothly as possible, team up with Tax Resolve and our Oakland County tax appeal attorney. We bring decades of tax law experience to every case we manage, giving our clients the knowledge and authority to confidently stand up to the IRS.

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How to Appeal the IRS

Most often when the IRS makes an adjustment to a tax return, it is so that the taxpayer will receive less on their tax return. It is even possible that the IRS could change a tax return so that the taxpayer has to pay the IRS, rather than the other way around. If the IRS has made those adjustments erroneously, then it is time to file a tax appeal with our help.

There are two ways to initially handle a tax appeal:

  • Written appeal: The first step is writing an appeal to the IRS Appeals Office, which is meant to act as a neutral middle ground between the IRS and taxpayers. In your appeal, you need to include your contact information, a copy of any appeal notification the IRS sent you, and as many details as you can provide about your tax return. You will also need to explain why you are disputing the appeal and why it was incorrect for the IRS to adjust your tax return in the first place. This is where our Oakland County tax appeal lawyer steps in and makes a huge difference. Using our years of legal experience, we can carefully explain to the IRS why it acted incorrectly, giving your appeal a much better chance at succeeding in this stage.
  • Lawsuit: If your written appeal to the IRS Appeals Office is rejected, you are not out of options. You can still take the matter to the courtroom for a judge to decide it. The court that will handle your lawsuit varies depending on whether or not you complied with the IRS and its adjustments to your tax return. If you have already paid or accepted the lessened amount, then your case can go before your U.S. District Court. If you have not accepted the adjustments and have not paid the IRS what it has demanded, your case will go to a U.S. Tax Court. In either situation, our attorney can guide and represent you.

Halting IRS Collection Efforts

No matter how solid your appeal and lawsuit may be, there is always the chance the IRS will prevail in court. You are still not out of options yet, though.

While you can no longer try to challenge the IRS’s reasoning for changing your tax return, you can still slow down its collection efforts. Wage garnishments and property liens are two common ways the IRS attempts to collect on large amounts of owed tax debts. If you are not given the proper notification of a garnishment or a lien, then you can appeal to have those collection efforts halted. However, it is important to know that halting IRS tax collection efforts is not the same as eliminating your owed taxes.

Have Questions About Tax Appeals? We Have Answers

At Tax Resolve in Oakland County, we understand that dealing with a tax appeal can be downright confusing. You probably have enough going on in your life already without needing to add worry about the IRS onto it. To get your tax appeal moving and filed without putting more on your plate, call (248) 919-8029 and speak with our legal team. We are capable of representing clients across the country thanks to our remote legal service options.

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