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Federal Tax Debt Resolution

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If the IRS is proposing to assess additional taxes against you and you don't believe you owe additional money, you have the option to file a petition against the IRS with the assistance of a tax attorney. Our experienced tax attorneys may represent you before the Tax Court. We may have the ability to help you file the correct paperwork to open a case against the IRS, and assist you with many different types of federal tax resolution services.

The Oakland County tax attorneys at Tax Resolve have helped numerous clients with various types of tax debt, and have successfully resolved many clients' tax debt issues. From filing petitions to configuring installment agreements, Tax Resolve may be able to help.

Types of Federal Tax Debt Resolutions

If you find yourself owing large sums of money in back taxes to the IRS, there are a many options that you may use prior to filing for bankruptcy. For instance, the IRS may allow a temporary delay in outstanding tax debt payments. To qualify for a temporary delay, you must be able to prove to the IRS that your financial situation does not allow you to pay off debts without compromising other financial aspects of your life.

Another tax debt resolution option is an offer in compromise. It is similar to a settlement with a commercial creditor, and you may offer to pay as much of your tax debt as possible. The IRS may assess the offer you made, and will either accept, counter-offer, or reject it. If you wish to make an offer in compromise, you must prove that you cannot pay the entire amount within the requested time period by submitting specific paperwork.

If you believe that you can pay federal taxes over time, but need longer than the time the IRS offers, an installment agreement may be a great tax debt resolution option. There are different types of installment agreements and payment plans, and each differ with the term of the period, the paperwork that is required, and whether the balance must be paid in full. One may agree to make a payment in full by borrowing money from a bank, family members, or friends, and the IRS will mark your status as paid in full. If you send in partial payments with the IRS, they will continue sending you letters every 45 days until the debts are paid. This is a great option for people who can pay their debts within three to six months.

Get Federal Tax Debt Resolution Assistance

Determining which type of federal tax debt resolution is best for you may be difficult without assistance. At Tax Resolve, we have the ability to help clients choose the best type of federal tax debt resolution service, as well as assist them throughout the debt resolution entire process.

If you are struggling with paying federal back taxes, please contact our Oakland County tax attorneys. We serve clients nationwide!

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