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IRS Audit Process

Why was my tax return selected?

The Internal Revenue Service makes sure that taxes are correctly reported by examining, also known as auditing, returns. Some returns are chosen because the IRS believes that the taxpayer is attempting to avoid paying complete taxes. If your information did not match your other forms, such as your W-2 or Form 1099, you may face an audit. The IRS also has a computer system that gives numeric scores based on the potential for change in income and the potential of unreported income. If your return received a high score, it may be more likely to be selected for audit. Your return may also have been selected because a business partner was audited or for a variety of other reasons.

How the Examination is Conducted

The examination will be conducted either by mail or in-person at an IRS office, your home, your place of business or an accountant's office. You can request a time change or a location change if the one the IRS has selected is inconvenient. The notification letter you received will tell you what records you need to bring, and you can either attend the examination alone or have legal representation at the audit. During the audit, the IRS may suggest changes and you can accept them or appeal them. It is possible to record the meeting if you provide sufficient notice to the IRS.

Your Rights as a Taxpayer

Although you may be nervous about an upcoming audit, it is important to remember that you have rights. Our Oakland County tax planners will help you prepare your documents for the IRS and continue to assist you with the audit. If the IRS is requesting more information, you have the right to know why and how they will use it. In addition to privacy and confidentiality, you are also able to appeal the adjustments made by the IRS to the IRS or the Tax Court. If the courts accept your case, you may even be able to appeal the taxes in the U.S. Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court.

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